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Dedicated to Improving Ranchers Lives

Over the past decades ranchers have found it harder and harder to make a living with the advent of commercialization in the industry and a number of other challenges. With production costs on the rise and diminishing returns the old methods don’t always work, producers need to find ways to improve their business model or face extinction.

Our goal is to preserve their way of life through innovative solutions that ultimately make them more competitive in an ever changing world. Better cost control, sustainable land management and better livestock handling can enable ranchers to stay alive and thrive in todays environment.

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Integration of Technology & Materials

We are always listening to our customers and finding ways to bring new solutions. Our products are designed and tested extensively by the people who use them and manufactured in Gillette, Wyoming using American Made materials. We work directly with ranchers to test and improve our products so we can ensure they afford maximum flexibility and can accommodate the wide range of climates and environments our products are exposed to. We also pay special attention to animal health and low stress livestock handling practices.

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Founded in the heart of Wyoming ranching country, Tomcat MFG is dedicated to improving ranchers lives through sustainable land management and innovative integration of technology and materials.


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