The Keyhole

Fast and Easy Mobile Water

The Keyhole was designed to make watering an after thought when setting up paddocks. You can now design your perfect grazing plan without it being dependent on the location of your water source. The rugged tank liner collapses, allowing the tank to be folded up in seconds and moved to another location. A big 10 inch drain empties the tank in 30 seconds so no more waiting around for a tank to empty.

A common way to use The Keyhole is to run poly pipe through your pastures from your well or hydrant. A quick connect coupling is installed in the line in each paddock. This allows The Keyhole to be set in each paddock and connected to the poly line at a coupling, giving you a constant supply of water with virtually no set up time after the initial installation of the line. In some cases, the line can be buried to keep water temperatures higher or lower depending on what the climate in your area is like. The NRCS has programs to to help fund projects like this. 

If a pressurized water source is not an option, The Keyhole can be equipped with a solar pumping option. The RPS Solar kit contains two 100 watt solar panels, a pump, pump controller and high and low water level sensors. The submersible pump can be lowered into a well or set in a pond or creek and automatically maintain your tank water level. The standard pump kit for The Keyhole is capable of pumping 5.1 GPM and 1836 gallons per day. This number can go down due to head pressure or other variables but we are only a phone call away to assist in picking out the right set up for your application.

Super light and empties fast, allowing us to move daily. Keeps the water source close for the most effective weight gain. It also reduces mud around the water tanks. We've seen hoof prints in the tank which is a testimony to how tough it really is! Thank you Tomcat!


~Don Sasse, Rancher, Carlile, WY. 

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