Take the pains out of winter watering! The Old Faithful is designed to use heat from the ground to keep your water ice free. What makes The Old Faithful stand out is that it uses a large column of water vs air. Water holds 3300 times more heat than air does.

The primary construction of the tank is high density polyethylene. HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer known for it’s high strength.

The tank comes complete and ready to install. Installation simply requires a hole being dug with a waterline to connect to the 1″ FPT fitting on the tank. Once the line is attached and the tank is backfilled, water can be turned on and the tank be put to use. The float valve maintains the water level in the tank and can easily be removed without turning off the water source by using a quick coupling fitting below the float valve.

Dimensions of the tank are 30 in. diameter by 108 in. height.



Was a balmy -31 last night as we rolled out a round bale for the critters. Checked our Tomcat Old Faithful. She had what looked like steam coming out of the drinking holes. Been very impressed with it so far. As long as a few critters are on it we haven’t had to chop ice.

– David Herman, Y

Roundup MT


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