The Old Faithful – Geothermal Livestock Water – On Sale Through the end of OCT!




The Old Faithful uses heat from the ground to keep water in the tank from freezing. The heat comes from the ground around the tank, and the ground around the water line coming to the tank. Because the tank depends on the heated water in the line, water turnover in the tank is necessary for best results. The ground heat around the tank will keep stagnant water from freezing for some time but when combined with adding warm water to the tank each time an animal drinks, the tank is very effective. We typically see around 1/2″ of ice on a -15 degree F morning. The ice can easily be cleared in just a couple minutes.


How many animals will the Old Faithful support?

This depends largely on the water supply to the tank. With adequate water supply (15-20gpm), 50-75 head can easily water off the Old Faithful. If the need for more water is required, the tanks can be plumbed in a series with a shut-off valve installed before each tank. Doing this will allow you to fill your additional tanks when you have a need for more water and then empty the tanks when they are not in use. The more the water in the tank is turned over, the better the tank will work. Having too much water per animal allows the water more time to cool and then freeze.


What all is included?

The customer provides everything up to the tank and we provide everything from the tank up. The Old Faithful is equipped with a 1” ft fitting to connect the incoming water line. Inside the tank is a riser pipe that goes up to a quick coupler. The valve guide system is attached above the quick coupler, allowing the float valve assembly to be removed and replaced without emptying the tank. 16”  from the top of the tank is a safety tray to keep small animals from falling inside the tank if the lid is removed. The insulated lid keeps the heat transfer at the top of the water to a minimum, it has 2- 9” drinking holes.


How cold of temperatures will the Old Faithful withstand?

The performance varies depending on location, soil conditions, etc. If the tank can be installed somewhere that is sheltered from wind, or if there is plenty of water turnover from animals drinking, the tank will perform much better then when placed in a windy area with only a couple animals drinking. We have seen these tanks perform well after several nights of -15 degrees F.


Can I install the Old Faithful myself?

The Old Faithful comes ready to hook up and go. It does require a hole to be dug, so with a backhoe or mini excavator, installation is relatively easy. Just dig a hole 9’ minus the height you want sticking out of the ground (we recommend 18”). Bring your water line into the hole and then attach to the 1” FPT fitting on the tank and begin backfilling while keeping the tank level. Once it is backfilled, turn the water source on and you are in business.



  • Uses heat from the ground to keep water from freezing
  • High Density Polyethylene Construction
  • Float valve to maintain water level
  • Don’t chop ice
  • Eliminate the need for expensive electrical tank heaters
  • 30″ Inside Diameter
  • 9″ Drinking holes
  • Easily access float system
  • Ribbed construction to prevent movement or cavitation

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Additional information

Weight100 lbs
Dimensions120 × 30 × 34 in


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